The Hellenic Roots Association a rapidly growing non-profit organization established in 2010. Our primary objective is to establish and nurture strong links between Greece and the Greek communities throughout the globe.

Our activities are aimed to promote  culture, the arts and sciences,  but also targeted at facilitating business co-operation and overseas investment into Greece.

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The members

...of the Hellenic Roots Association have been selected based on their proven and successful social or business relationships with Greek businesses or communities abroad, are prominent members of the Greek business and cultural society and are active contributors socially and philanthropically with no political aspirations.

Our aim to highlight the contributions and successes that Greeks have had in their local communities internationally and to develop a vibrant, interactive and sustainable communication between the Greek communities abroad and the main Greek society for the benefit of Hellenism as a whole

The Hellenic Roots Association

...organizes meetings and conferences on issues related to bussiness opportunities and economic issues, as well as cultural and academic events with historical data analysis and surveys.

Hellenic Colony "Emporio" in Spain 13/06/2012

In collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes and the Hellenic American Union the Hellenic Roots Association organized the presentation “The city of Emporium, on the Iberian Peninsula, the Greek gateway of Greek civilization to Spain”. The presentation was given by Eusebi Ayensa Prat of the Instituto Cervantes. He is a Hellenist and a translator. He carried out his university studies of Classical Literature at the University of Barcelona, specializing in ancient Greek language and he is a Doctor of Romanesque Literature at the same University.

The Monogram by Odyseas Elytis 07/03/2012

"The Monogram" in twelve languages. The Hellenic Roots Association in co-operation with the Hellenic American Union presented a tribute to the Greek Poet and Nobel Laureate Odysseas Elytis (1911-1996) which included a reading of an extract from his work "The Monogram" in the original Greek and eleven other languages.
The presentation took place on Wednesday March 7, 2012 at the Hellenic American Union auditorium and was a great success.

Formal Incorporation Day 26/04/2010

On the 24th of April 2010 the 20 founding members of the Association met at the Cellier Bistrot in Athens to formally sign the Associations Constitution documents and to celebrate the creation of a new organisation that would work for the benefit of Greece and Hellinism as a whole.

Pre-Incorporation meeting 13/03/2010

The pre-incorporation committee met for the last time as an informal body to confirm that all was in place for the establishment of the Hellenic Roots as a formal association under Greek law and to set the date for the official signing of the Constitution documents.


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